Costa Rica adventure tour to the Palo Verde National Park in Costa Rica

At the middle of February, 2012 we went with a group of adventurers to the river Rio Tempisque for a photo safari in the area of Palo Verde National Park.
The park is above all known for his splendid crocodiles and varied bird’s kinds. But there are also nasal bears, white face and howling monkey, leguan and other wild animals to see in the dry forest and Tempisque marshes you can observe wildlife in the nature.
The national park Palo Verde is about 16,800 hectares including a 140-km-long, the Rio Tempisque.
Over the river is a bridge built in November 2002, ˝el Puente de la Amistad Costa Rica – Taiwan˝, spans the river. However, the friendship between Costa Rica and Taiwan did not last very long when a few years later Costa Rica had decided to recognise China.
This bridge is where we used to start our tours. However, this time we decided to go to the fishing village Puerto Umo and start our photo safari tour there on a roofed boat.
You should pay attention to the fact that it is better go during the low tide to be able to observe the crocodiles on the sandy benches. Already with the first curve in the river the triggers of the cameras were operated and splendid crocodiles with the telephoto and the lenses kept moving. The popularity of the crocodiles on Rio Tempisque has reached his border. One assumes at the moment about 200 crocodiles live on the area of km2, and now the dear little animals start eating each other if there is not enough food left.
Then we got the first big Leguan to see which nodded to us friendly. Shortly after we saw a group of howling monkeys – The Costa Rican people call them Congo. Later on we saw a group of white face monkeys,called monos.
We went about one hour to the north in the direction of Liberia and saw only nature,no signs of civilisation. On the way back we again saw a lot of birds,for example spoonbill and storks, which are considered to be the largest storks in the world.
In the national park Palo Verde grow more than 200 different types of trees,like the Palo Verde Tree, which gave the name to the park.

At the end the adventure vacationers had their cameras filled with natural pictures that leave a lot of aftermath.
After 3 hours we started the return journey from Puerto Umo via Nicoya to the Costa Rica hotellodge Paraiso del Cocodrilo located on the Pacific sandy beach of Samara Buena Vista.

You can book tours to the national parks and many other destinations in Costa Rica.

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