Spontaneous music session at Hotel Costa Rica, Samara Paraiso del Cocodrilo

On Sunday afternoon Georg Weghofer, at the hotel of Costa Rica called Paraiso del Cocodrilo and asked spontaneously whether we could do music session in the evening. His sister who is visiting played bass in former times and would have desire for a music evening.
Rainer promised absolutely pleased to do it and together with Georgs sister and Thorsten who already plays more than 30 years of guitar, it was decided to create in the evening a musical event. At short notice Thorsten had resolved still to acquire a cheap electronic guitar in Nicoya to have furthermore the possibility to torment the guitar and the people on vacation. In short, the musical presentation in the evening was taken up by the audience cheerfully and it became more frequent to say that they would organize such spontaneous musical aggregations and presentations again. Finally, they created two hours of miraculous sound, in the style of Santana and Co.
The new arrangement which consist of microphones, stereos and a new mixer also contributed a part to it.
There were three guitars, which wonderfully harmonized and a bass which created a good base. In addition an old saxophone presented his best side
After the music evening was actually finished, the musicians decided to give an addition themselves, nevertheless, once again in addition the eager with music and played once again of full passion the classic “Summertime” of Georg Gershwin as a good-night-song.

The next scheduled session is reattached music in Costa Rica Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo for next Saturday. A drummer from Chicago, has announced its arrival.
If they want to participate or are planning a Costa Rica travel times, here is our recommendation:

Address of the music session:
Hotel – Lodge – Restaurant – Bar
Paraiso del Cocodrilo
P.O. Box: 55 Sámara
Costa Rica Phone: (506) 2656 8055
Fax: (506) 2656 8056
E-mail: mariann1@racsa.co.cr> mariann1@racsa.co.cr

take a walk in the wild side and a walk to the music hotel Costa Rica beach.
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