Dolphin tour in Costa Rica

Yesterday, I spontaneously took part in a dolphin tour, organized by the hotel Paraíso del Cocodrilo, luckily two people had jumped off at short notice.

We drove with a truck to the beach Sámara and I sat with three other people on the loading-level what was huge fun and for some of us also caused back pain.

Once arrived on the beach we scrambled with seven people and two fishermen in a small boat. The boat had benches, a roof and a 40 HP engine that made our excursion to a comfortable coffee journey.

The boaters casted their fishing rods and we went off over the wide sea. Everybody chatted nicely and enjoyed the good weather, until something, for us laypeople, very exciting happened. We had gone through a shoal of tuna and the men had to work hard to pull the fish out. The animal lovers were happy as they saw that the tunas were put into a box filled with water and that they had not been killed. All together we caught four tunas.

Then it went to the real peak, the dolphins.

The fishermen seemed to know the dolphins very well, because after a few minutes on dolphin search we already saw a fin in wide distance.

The paparazzi proceeded to position and the next half an hour we could observe the cute animals romping around our boat before they disappeared again in the depth.

It seemed as if they had studied a choreography for tourists. About six dolphins swam beside us, among them two young animals, and hosed us lively. The peak of the choreography was the jump of two dolphins à la “Flipper”. They flashed from the sea to make flips and formed a heart with their elegant bodies. Unfortunately, none of the cameras was able to capture this moment, but certainly the picture has been burned in our minds.

When just no marine mammals were visible and we stared on the sea, we saw a big wooden piece on the water. We drove up closer, until one of the fishermen shouted “Tortuga”. Well, it was no wood, but a gigantic tortoise who relaxed a bit in the sun on surface of the Pacific. On request to look in our direction for better photos, it got for the modest animal too much bustle and it disappeared.

After this excitement the older people among us had to calm down and thus we decided to go slowly back to the beach. As refreshment we got juice, fruits and a few biscuits.

We stopped shortly on a small island to swim a little around and to do snorkeling and last but not least we returned after great, impressive four hours back to the beach Sámara.

We could take the tunas with us which were for the brave adventurers a tasty dinner.


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