Chicken eyes in a soup and Racoons (Part 2)

This experience and the fact that my camera got stolen in the bus were the only negative aspects about my stay in Ecuador though.
I knew there were many thefts in the big cities so I was really cautious about my precious things.
I made the mistake of falling asleep on the bus though and when I woke up my camera was gone.

On weekdays I was working at Katitawa School at the kindergarten and as a Physical Education teacher, because my Spanish wasn’t good enough to teach other classes.
The amount of students was “just” 25 but because they had no discipline and a lack of willingness to acquire new skills it felt like at least 125 German students. Sometimes it was impossible to teach a class of five students although in Germany I do fencing classes with 30 children.
The weekends I spent travelling like every tourist.
I stayed in the party and tourist city Baños and spent a weekend in the jungle, which I called “jungla” instead of the right Spanish word “selva”. There we played “Tarzan” and our guide chopped a huge palm tree just that we can eat the more or less tasty heart of a palm tree.
Furthermore I saw the cities Guayaquil, Puyo, of course the capital Quito and also Otavalo, which has the biggest market of South America.
Totally impressed by the diversity of Ecuador i had to leave the country after one and a half months, but I had problems at the airport.
They told me to enter Nicaragua you have to have a flight ticket to leave it within three months. It seemed they didn’t have the ability to reason, because they said I couldn’t use my flight ticket from Mexico back to Germany, which is during the three months. The woman told me I had to buy a ticket for 400$ but with a clear “No!” I solved this problem and flew without a ticket to Nicaragua where my lovely sister picked me up at the airport.
Together we spent three days and nights in Granada, which is a wonderful vivid city and then we went by “chicken bus” to the city San Juan del Sur at the pacific ocean.
It is said, that this city is a surfer’s paradise, so we wanted to proof our talent and rented a board with four people.
The day after we were crossing the Nicaragua-Costa Rica border.
To get to Costa Rica we had to leave the bus and walk to the other side. It was a challenge to find all the offices, where we had to get stamps and pay money because there was no signage. Our passports got controlled at a wooden table under a plastic cover right next to the dusty road.
We waited one hour in a bus, because there was so much traffic, before we finally headed to Tamarindo.
Tamarindo a.k.a. Tamagringo is a city, which could be a state of USA, because of all the Americans there. It is a place which I wouldn’t recommend so much, if you want to get to know the Costa-Rican culture and people.
After “only” five hours in the bus, my sister, three other girls and me arrived in Sámara. Rainer told me a crazy Swiss was going to pick me up and now I know what he means.
Now I ´m here at Paraíso del Cocodrilo and I’m sure I will enjoy this place!
Continuation follows…
Theresa S.
more nature paradise information about Hotel Costa Rica


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