Chicken eyes in a soup and Racoons (Part 1)

Last winter my neighbours came back from holidays all relaxed and tanned, meanwhile our German skin hasn’t seen any sun the last days.
I was conscious and even a little jealous, so they told me that they spent three weeks in Costa Rica at the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo, which is also supposed to be a “Paraiso de humanos”. The family also dropped the information that the hotel offers internships, which was interesting for me, because I was about to finish summer school. I didn’t want to just travel but also get a deeper impression of one place so doing an internship or volunteer work was the right thing for me.
My interest was raised and therefore I wrote an E-Mail to Rainer, the owner of the hotel, that I wanted to absolve an internship at his hotel.
That was in July. I waited one day, I waited one week, I waited one month, but I didn’t get an answer. Disenchanted I looked for other possibilities to work at, because as a German I had to have a plan of what I was going to do.
I applied for schools in Ecuador and Nicaragua, which both answered with “Yes” the same day!
One day after I booked the flight to these places I received an E-Mail from Rainer, which said “sure you can come here!”.Due to the fact I actually prefered working at a hotel better than working two times at a school, I decided to cancel the volunteer work in Nicaragua and instead work here.
October 16 was the day when I left Germany behind.
I flew to Quito, Ecuador and experienced to worst day of my life.
In the airplane I got to know Ruben, who offered me a ride to a place close to Salasaca, the village in which I was going to be working at a school. However he concealed, that he had a buissnes appointment during which I had to wait in the car. I waited two hours!
When he finally came back, I thought we would head to my place right away, but he didn’t think so. He decided that we wanted to have lunch and ordered me a chicken soup which they served with eyed and giblets. After eating this not so delicious meal we kept on going . Suddenly he said that I had to get off now, so I was standing in the middle of nowhere and it was just my backpack and me.
I caught a bus to Salasaca and then a cap to the school, but because it was already 5 pm nobody was there anymore. Being tired, because I had the middle seat in the aircraft and couldn’t sleep, and hungry I walked around in fields looking for the volunteer house, which I finally found after walking around for two hours. I landed at 8 am and arrived at the house at 7 pm for a way which is usually about three hours.

Continuation follows…
Theresa S.
more nature paradise information about Costa Rica


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