My trip to Costa Rica

Planning for my trip was a chaos like my life in Switzerland.
As i only had a temporary contract until end of May. I looked in the Internet, for a new job. But i don’t found anything, then i caught myself in looking for a job in an other country.
Since my last visit in Uruguay, i am a fan of Latin America and heard from friends that Costa Rica is great, for this reason i was looking for a hotel in Costa Rica. So I found the Hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo and I took the first contact by e-mail to Rainer.
I had to hurry to organize all the things for my trip, because i was a little late. I was just glad when I had my passport three days before my departure.

On my flight, I made a stopover in New York and then to San Jose. There I landed at half past nine, and took a taxi to get to the Hotel Coconut House. Since I was totally exhausted from the journey, there i slept directly. In the next morning Rainer took me from the hotel, and we drove to Samara with three guests. On the way we bought a few things.

On the way i can’t help but being amazed, so many new things and impressions. The nature here is amazing. When we arrived in the afternoon at the hotel, I was more tired as the first evening.
After a refreshing in the pool on the first day, chamber also has the first guests to eat something. So I tried to make myself useful.
On the first day I realized that here is a different time rhythm. The people here go earlier to bed and get up earlier. For me, a big change, because in Switzerland i don’t go to bed before twelve o’clock.
At five o’clock the monkeys woke me from my paradisiacal sleep. But this didn’t disturbs me, i could sleep for a few minutes later on.

On the second day, we went to Nicoya going shopping and sell a car. This took quite a long time because the roads are very bad, and the people here take everything easy.

On the third day i come to enjoy the beach. Rainer and the dog on the Moped we drove a few minutes through the jungle. The beach here is really like a fairy tale book, beautiful and untouched. Pure nature!
In general, Costa Rica, a vast natural paradise, with plants and animals at every turn.

The weather here is not easy for me, because it changes more often on the day of bright sunshine to heavy rain. But when have no rain, it was to hot for me.

Sometimes I want to compare Uruguay and Costa Rica, but this is almost impossible, because there are like two different worlds. The immigration to Uruguay in the early 1960s from Europa (Italy / Spain) you realize very well the European influence. Here in Costa Rica you realize just something of the influence of nature.

Pura Vida



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