My internship in Costa Rica, Part V

Costa Rica is nothing like Germany. You will see some noticeable differences ranging from its physical geography to the society itself. The culture of this country is so warm, friendly and inviting. The work ethic is totally different from ours: In Germany everything is laid out to a 15 minute break and half an hour for lunch. In their view of time things just happen when they happen. You take a break when you’re tired, and lunch is an hour or more. They are not lazy, but they work to live and not live to work. In Germany it is more the other way around, I think. I have the impression that the people in Costa Rica are happier: They always have a smile on their face.

For me, the first weeks have been great, and I’m very excited to see more of this beautiful country. So far I have really enjoyed my time here. The Ticos are really nice and welcoming and I am very happy that I’ve chosen this small country – 10,000 km away from home. I have gained a lot of new experiences and insights, I have seen a unique landscape and have met wonderful people. However, I am looking forward to my flight back home in one month, when I will return to my familiy and friends and will be able to tell them many stories about this exciting journey that has given me so many unforgettable moments. But at first, I will be taking a closer look at this beautiful country in the next few weeks I hope I can add to my store of wonderful moments. I have taken this country and its people to my heart and I will definitely return at some time!

Kathi Mayer


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