My internship in Costa Rica, Part II

The following weeks, I was spending my time on planning and preparing my trip. I read about Costa Rica with focus on climate, culture, language, geography and social peculiarities. This tropical country is characterized by its rainy and dry seasons. My two-month stay from mid January to mid March at the Pacific coast in the province of Guanacaste extends into the dry season, i.e. the average daily temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius, rain falls rarely. This has an impact on the many varieties of flora and fauna in this country. Furthermore, Costa Rica sets a lot of store by eco-tourism and therefore, protection of the environment is a great priority. It has established many national parks, some of them are on the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage list. In addition, the two beautiful coasts at the Pacific and the Caribbean invite the visitor to surf and swim. More and more this predominantly agricultural country is developing other economic sectors.  The tourist industry tops the list, followed by the export goods bananas, pineapples and coffee.

I’m having a great time here in Costa Rica. When I arrived at the airport in San José, I was simply blown away by the weather. It was actually 10 o’clock at night, but you could feel the summer in this place and it felt so good. No comparison to the bitter cold and snowy Germany, where I came from.

In San José, I first tried to communicate in English. But my efforts failed miserably. Unfortunately English skills are very rare amongst the Costa Ricans. So I tried my very rough Spanish, and I was successful: I made it from San José to the hotel and the next day by bus to Sámara to my future job.

by Kathi Mayer

Hotel Costa Rica Samara


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