My internship in Costa Rica

The idea of spending time abroad in Costa Rica occurred during my studies. During the last three years, almost all of my fellow students had spent at least one term abroad and had come back with happy memories, diverse impressions and amazing experiences. That’s why I decided that I wanted to do the same. This decision raised many questions: Should I study abroad, take part in a language course or do an internship? What country should I choose? Many of my fellow students preferred anglophone countries. But I wanted to do something different and unusual. During my studies I’d already learned some Spanish and for a long time I’d been interested in Central and South America, that’s why I chose this country. Costa Rica, Spanish for “rich coast”, is one of the safest countries in South and Central America. This fact reassured my family and friends. Next, I was looking for a suitable activity that enabled me to realize my dream. Through internet research I found an unique hotel, named Paraíso del Cocodrilo, that’s located near the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, which was looking for interns. The German owner Rainer responded positively to my application. We arranged period and duration of the  internship and after that, I booked my flights: 9 hours to New York and afterwards 5.5 hours to San José, the capital of Costa Rica.
That’s when I became fully aware of how far away from home I would be for the next few  months: 10,000 km!


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