Pool party at the Hotel Costa Rica Samara

On the 18th of November at the Hotel Costa Rica, Paraiso del Cocodrilo, a pool party and breakfast by the sea were in our plans. We had picked the perfect day for it, since we already received the first sunbeams in the morning. The day started with a special breakfast at the fantastic white sand beach Barrigona. Accompanied by the sounds of the ocean and inspired by the fresh air, the food was simply fabulous. We had everything what the heart desires: Starting with ham, eggs and bread to pineapple jam, all was there. Also fresh exotic fruits like papaya and pineapple were on the menu. To drink there was the wonderful aromatic coffee from Costa Rica and freshly squeezed fruit juices. We spent the whole morning on the beach where we refueled a lot of energy. The afternoon was then spent by the pool or in the many hammocks which are scattered in the idyllic garden. In the hammocks, one could observe coatis and various birds but also monkeys, or just listen to the sounds of nature. In the evening all started with a wonderful dinner by moonlight and Latin American music. The table stood beside the pool and we had roast beef, chicken, baked potatoes, fresh salad and and and… for dinner. And for sure we had a lot of Cocktails too. After dinner we danced, sang and lauged a lot. There was also a Life Performance: A music performance of Rainer, the chief of the hotels and a few friends and hotel guests. Ultimately, the party was moved into the pool when the first people, including clothes, jumped into the water. Next pool party is on the wey…….
more infos: http://twitter.com/#!/cocodrilo
Costa Rica Tour Video 2011
Musik im Hotel Costa Rica


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