Hotel Tour Rincon de la Vieja National Park

On the 12th of November, we took a tour to the National Park Rincon de la Vieja from our hotel Paraiso del Cocodrilo in Costa Rica. Translated means the National Park: the corner of the old lady. Established in 1973 the park is named after the volcano Rincon de la Vieja which is 1895 m high and located there.  The park is home for about 257 different species of birds. Since 1999 the national park is UNESCO World Heritage Sight.

At 7 clock we drove off with two cars. In Liberia, we made a brief stop, where we had a delicious breakfast. Then it went up a notch on a gravel road to the park entrance where we were greeted promptly by a small nose bear. The trail led us through a forest of beautiful trees to 100 degree sulfur hot springs and bubbling mud pools. Furthermore, we came to a waterfall in which some of us took a bath.
An insight into the animal world, we got as well. We saw yellow Capucina monkey, a boar, a giant ant colony at work and many different kinds of butterflies, such as the blue Morpho.
After a 3 hour hike, we all came back safely to our cars and drove back toward our Hotel Costa Rica on the beach Buena Vista, near Samara. All in all a very successful and eventful day.


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