MOT – part 2: reinspection Riteve Nicoya 2nd of November

The second try to get a MOT (Riteve) badge for my car, Isuzu Trooper, started when I asked the police if it’s legal to drive with my car when I have a list about the deficiencies of the car from the Riteve, where is written that these problems have to be solved latest at the 23th of November. The police said that it’s allowed, but I could only make trips that serve for the procurement of spare parts, or that lead to my mechanic.
I drove punctual at 7:15am to the re inspection in Nicoya. The Riteve auditor Alexander was the person who decided whether I got the Riteve badge or not. At the list of defects only two things were not in order. The handbrake and the hydraulic weren’t ok. My mechanic fixed all these things before.
At the second investigation the breaks got reinspected, even though they got inspected at the first Riteve investigation. Alexander took a look under the car and found new shortcomings which led to the fact that I didn’t get my Riteve badge one more time. Now the problems from the first investigation were solved but three new shortcomings have been found. I couldn’t believe it.
It seemed like it depends on the employer who investigates the car which things shortcomings are and which not.

I talked to other car owners and it seemed like the Riteve wanted to make as much money as possible. Immediately we took a new date for the investigation because you have to wait one week before you get a date for the Riteve investigation in Nicoya.
On Friday we are going to lead my Toyota Land cruiser Jeep with success through the re inspection.
We will report about it.

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