Costa Rica- coffee, bananas and computer chips

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During the Spanish colonial rule, the country of Costa Rica was traditionally living from agriculture. In the 18th Century, the poor country began to export cacao and tobacco. The economic breakthrough came, however, with the successful cultivation of coffee during the 19th Century. The coffee production remained the most important economic factor of Costa Rica for several decades. In the late 19 Century, the cultivation of bananas became another lucrative economic sector.

Today, Costa Rica is also famous for its pineapples. However, the pineapple business only started in the 1980s and was introduced by the company Del Monte. Until now, the small Central American country has become the world’s leading exporter of pineapples.
Nevertheless one has to admit that the pineapple cultivation was not always unproblematic. The heavy use of pesticides led to an increasing amount of diseases among the workforce. Today, the industry tries to prevent the use of harmful substances and is about to greenwash itself.

In recent years, Costa Rica experienced a sort of economic restructuring. More and more, the small country develops from an agricultural land to a service and industrial state. Particularly over the last two decades, Costa Rica became an important location in the field of high technology. According to a current CINDE study, Costa Rica is the world’s fourth largest exporter of high-tech products. Only Asian countries like the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore export more.

Especially in the field of integrated circuits and medical technology, Costa Rica has a leading position.

Moreover, the Republic of Costa Rica recently opened the National Center for Biotechnology, CENIBiot. The laboratory is located in the capital San Jose and is the largest of its kind in Central America. Over the years, Costa Rica made a rapid development and became an important technological location, which can no longer be neglected worldwide. Due to this progress, Costa Rica more and more presents itself as an innovative and future- oriented country.

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