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Rout 160 Sámara- Nosara should be finally completed

It was a big promise for years, but only a few parts of the road from the gas station from Samara to Nosara were covered with asphalt. Starts in 2015 with Asphalt preparation? President Guillerm will help.

The visit of President Luis Guillermo, July 23 in Nosara was again a hopeful day for residents who living in this area. Also for tourists would have spoiled an end.

For years, talked about the fact that the route should be improve. The rout 160 is about 30 km long. But it happened never, just empty promises. Now there is new hope.

Again and again health problems among the local residents. In the dry season more dust is produced. The repairs will be fixed in certain intervals. It is a costly and time consuming process. That takes a long period of time, it requires a precise time schedule.

The catastrophic condition of the road was also confirmed by the Carlos Segnini, Minister of MOPT Ministerio de Obras y Transportes Públicas and among others by officials from CONAVI Consejo Nacional de Vialidad. The road is difficult to navigate, it’s not a motorway but a field path.

Already arrived the machines 

A start has already been made. Machines were transported by the Ministry of Public Works and Transport (MOPT – Ministerio de Obras y Transportes Públicas) to the respective distances and the National Roadways Council (Consejo Nacional de Vialidad CONAVI). The maintenance work can begin.

The order was placed, so Segnini (The Voice of Guanacaste). The investments are currently about 150000000 ($ 280,000) to make the route passable by the end of September.

In the second phase, the President hopes to improve the route through maintenance and repairs until the end of December. Currently negotiations are in progress. The amount is ₡ 229000000 ($ 425,000).

The third and final phase is the most difficult and time-consuming. For asphalting the road you need a lot of helpers and especially for the repair more land by the residents. The project is supported by a loan from a bank and the help of the President. The project will be cost between $ 60 and $ 70 million, so Segnini.

When the final phase of paving will begin is not clear yet. Neither the President nor Segnini Solis comment on the appointment.

But in 2015, the project will finally start and hopefully the motorists will drive not too fast on the road.


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President Luis Guillermo, July 23 in Nosara

Speaking Luis Guillermo,

bad road to nosara

Holes for sales, road Nosara

Climate change, fuddle duddle or what?

We’re jumping into a shit storm here, but who cares? Like a friend of mine said to me: „I already have enough issues to deal with, I can not take care of climate change as well.“
But the IPCC confirmed: With a estimated probability of 95 % the human being is the main cause of global climate change.

It is well known that CO2 emission, which is caused by cars, factories and powerplants, is the biggest problem. The heat trapping gas retains the solar radiation and leads to heating in the atmosphere. Up to what extent this effect is influencing out climate until now, the UN has published in the new climate report.

Measured changes so far

In the last 8 years, the CO2 content of the atmosphere increased by half. From the beginning of the 20th century the temperature has risen by 0.9 degrees and the last 30 years were the warmest since the High Middle Ages.

Snow and ice melt in a great measure. In Greenland, for example, was observed a rapid acceleration in melting, in the years from 2002 to 2011. Same applies to the Antarctic. In the mid-latitudes the snow is melting, and less and less is following. Also, the permafrost soil in Russia, is threatened by the rising temperatures. Altogether, has made the sea level already rise by 20 cm.

Nevertheless, an unexpected pause of the global temperature rise occurred. Due to the current climate model, this intermission is inexplicable. Perhaps, as the effects of clouds were not included here. Because it still remains vague how heating and cooling effects of clouds interact.


Depending on CO2 dioxide emissions, changes, greater than in the last hundred or thousand years, are expected:

The average temperature is projected to increase by 3.7 °C. More heat waves and a shift in climate zones are predicted. In the current subtropics more droughts will follow. In the tropical regions and mid-latitudes, such as Germany, more rain on the other hand.

Glaciers will disappear and the sea level will rise about 26 to 82 cm. Not only the ocean is growing, it is getting warmer too. The risk, in the air contained Co2 connects in water to carbonic acid, grows bigger. Consequently, the pH-value drops and the water would become more acidic. The marine life is threatened by a change in pH.

So far the UN climate panel depicts the current situation. Decisions will then be taken by the policy in the UN climate summit. Next time in Warsaw in November. Hopes are none too high.

Especially among the unspoiled countryside of Costa Rica the climate change is particularly painful. Therefore relax in Costa Rica and blast that climate change ignoramuses.

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Protests against excessive alcohol license fees in Nicoya Costa Rica

In Costa Rica, the alcohol patent owners organize against high fees and poor treatment by the Municipalidad.

Yesterday afternoon, the owners of liquor licenses protested in the Municipalidad Nicoya, Costa Rica, against the excessive charges.


Personal experience

Earlier, the alcohol patent for our restaurant in Costa Rica, cost us about $ 200 a year. Since the new alcohol Patent – Act of 2012, signed by the President Laura Chinchilla – we were charged $ 750 per trimester, last year. Later there had been a settlement by the court and we paid about $ 200 in a trimester.

The responsible authority, the Municipalidad of Nicoya, must state the exact amount of payment. Instead of doing so it sent excessive demands of payment, though everything was paid correctly. 

In my case: a bill of about $ 5,000. You can hardly bear this with a sense of humor and a competent lawyer. 

Whereas this also happened to many others, it’s hardly surprising that there now is an corporate organization to proceed against this injustice.


We will continue to report
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Climate Change – Emigrating to Costa Rica


The Facts

are indisputable. Since people invented the fire and are using fossil fuels in large quantities, they release plenty of carbon dioxide and other heat-trapping gases. As a consequence, the CO2 level in the atmosphere increases. And this particularly strong in the past few decades. This increase of CO2 in the atmosphere gives rise to a strong hothouse effect. The soil can radiate less heat than it is receiving from the sun. So air temperatures and the water level of the sea continue to rise.


U.S. military sounds the alarm

Since major changes in the environment can cause problematic social changes, the U.S. military now beats alarm. There is a global security risk. The use of military might be necessary to get the situation under control, so one, from 2007 shortly updated study, on the subject.

Especially politically unstable regions are at risk. The struggle for food and water is already up to date. With increasing heating, just in regions such as Africa or the Middle East are greater droughts and more dry rivers, expected. The need, and so the violence in the population will rise. More terrorism, more riots will follow eventually.


Mass migration of hungry Africans or other nations

The rising sea level also poses a major threat to the security. Flooded and destroyed cost regions could be a trigger for mass migration, to the interior or to other countries. One can imagine that these migrations will not proceed nonviolent. Another case for the U.S. military.

In case the military can handle the riots: What happens when military bases are destroyed by natural disasters? With further changing climate, we will need to prepare for stronger and more frequent storms. Therefore the military must have an emergency plan which considers these eventualities. All of this are realistic consequences of the climatic change. The media are already reporting about it. Politicians and the U.S. military are looking for solutions, even though it is not always in benefit for humanity.

Emigrating to Costa Rica?

Costa Rica is far away from these problems. Though also in Costa Rica sea levels will rise, and the Pacific Ocean has already higher water temperatures. Consequences are toxic algae, fish death and food intoxication.

But in Costa Rica, has a lot of nature and animals, protected in the national parks. About 30% of the country are under nature conservancy. As well Costa Rica offers good food and an excellent climate. So enough reasons to emigrate to Costa Rica, or at least to plan a trip and visit the Costa Rica hotel lodge accommodation.


Very different:



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Where is the police?

Costa Rica is a beautiful country. Nature, with its national parks and the many animals that you can be observed. Especially the lonely and untouched beaches are a place of relaxation. Overall, however, Costa Rica is quiet and specially in Guanacaste, the crime is low. But be careful, here are also dangers.


Dangers on deserted beaches

The sun province of Guanacaste is known for its fantastic secluded beaches. Unfortunately, it happens time and again to the tourists being robbed.

I’ve been twice in the past year on the beach Barrigona the victim. My car was broken into and stolen the cover off the radio. This sounds at first glance, not dramatic, but the locks were broken and the car radio unusable. What to do with the caps of the radio remains a mystery to me.

Here was robbed perk for years and even a motorcycle was stolen. Two weeks ago, a young couple were the robbed things, including the car keys stolen from the rental car at Barrigona beach. At the police in Samara a report was made.

Latest events
A month ago, three tourists expensive cameras, money, passport and also the car keys were stolen from the rental car. In the attack, the two youthful offender used machetes and injured one of the tourists, who describes himself diagnosed as surgery a broken finger.

Problems of tourists with the police
The tourist police were called ( Tel: 08 2 6545 in Flamingo ) reports and from the machete attack.
They said they have just no-one in the area, and one should contact the police in Nicoya.
The Criminal Investigation Department ( OIJ ) in Nicoya ( Tel: 2685 53 28 ) said one should call the delegation of the police in Samara.
The delegation of the police in Samara ( Tel: 2656 04 36) said that they have just not have a car to come and also the reference to an armed robbery resulted in no action.

Language problems and irritations
In the evening, then drove the robbed man of the delegation of the police in Samara to lodge a complaint. No one in the delegation speaks English.

A protocol was created and had to be signed by the tourists. A copy was inside refused to demand. Instead, they are intended to Criminal Investigation ( OIJ ) in Nicoya drive to make the information. Here then a copy of the recorded display is delivered.



End of part 1 where is the police

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Costa Ricas popularity as a holiday destination continues rising

More tourists, more work, more money

The hotels in Costa Rica are pleased. More and more tourists come to the environmental paradise and enthuse about Costa Rica. The money as an result is urgently needed because here, as everywhere, the living costs such as taxes and prices keep on increasing.


According to Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT ) more visitors

According to the Costa Rican Tourism Institute (ICT ) Costa Rica is looking forward to the arrival of about 2.5 million tourists this year, which is an increase of 5 % compared to 2013.

Besides the tourists are spending more and more money. The expenditure of foreign tourists in Costa Rica grew about 5.8 % in 2014 and reached a total of ¢ 1.3181 million.


The preferences change

Especially the sun province of Guanacaste has many visitors and the request for an individual Costa Rica Hotel is obvious. The people are looking for isolated natural beaches. Either you know one or you just discover it yourself in a long and extensive walk.

Also the adventure tours have changed slightly. Natural attractions, which Costa Rica has lots to offer, instead of crowded places are in great demand. Only very few people know them. On the internet or in guidebooks they are rarely mentioned. Which involves that they remain  a true insiders tip.


Rainy season in Guanacaste unjustly with fewer visitors

The season is not over yet. Easter (Semana Santos) is lying ahead. Which is a really beautiful time in Costa Rica Guanacaste, with an average hour rain during the day engenders lively nature and a lot of animals.


Google Search Hotel Costa Rica

Due to the monitoring revelations some users of Google have switched to other platforms, such as StartPage. Which neither stores your IP address nor records your search queries or tracks your cookies. Strangely enough your query also comes to different results, for example if you are looking for a Costa Rica hotel or an adventure tour .


Summary :

Costa Rica hotels are gaining popularity and slowly increase the number of visitors. But surely mass tourism still is far afield.

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Plastic waste in the ocean, when will we ever learn?

Particularly plastic waste in the oceans has become an international environmental problem. About 70 % of the earth’s surface is covered by water. At the moment you can count tens of thousands pieces of plastic waste in every square mile of the sea. German media compares the extent of refuse with the size of Central or Western Europe.

To let the facts speak for themselves.

Seabirds die in agony from plastic. For example cell phone parts and plastic bags are found in a turtle body, fish confuse tiny parts of plastic with plankton. 60 % of the waste is plastic. 70 % of the waste sink to the ocean floor, 15 % float on the water surface and 15 % are being washed up on the beaches.

The plastic waste is being transported by ships. Wether it be accidentally or on purpose. –An additional problem is the disposal of municipal waste into the rivers which flow into the ocean.

Environmental awareness and self-help

Waves bring back the waste to the land again. So happened a week ago at the Beach of Buena Vista, near Samara in Costa Rica.

Volunteers in the area congregated quickly and collected a total of 200 bags of plastic waste. The waste then was disposed by the munipalicidad of Nicoya.  Where the trash ended up then is a question nobody can answer. Nobody even asks.

Comment by Amy:

Have you ever tried the plastic wrap of your chocolate bar?

Of course, we remove the packaging before enjoying our chocolate bar. But do we really get rid of it? The plastic wrap will have a long and interesting journey before it will reveal to us in another way.

We grade garbage into different shapes and colors. For a moment it feels like as if we organized the turmoil. In fact, we create a multi-colored soup of waste which floats tranquil on the water surface of our planet. Every year we extend this carpet about 15,000 tons. It gets bigger and more colorful with time. Once in a while we recognize it, when fractions reach us at landside. Suddenly outraged we ask ourselves: How could this happen?

Dumpster is not the terminal. That is what we are reminded of in these moments. We only see a small part of the entire, the greater whole. Enough to hit us hard. We have to do something. Thus we start collecting the rubbish and bring it to the dumpster, its origin. Short term solution, mission completed.

While we feel relieved the waste, with the ace of a continent, continues floating on the sea. It will remind us at another point that the problem was not solved. It is required to have a look at what is not visible at first glance here.

Not only is it sad to see what garbage appeals to animals and the beautiful beaches. It is sad to remember how we treat ourselves. We do not want to eat rubbish and yet we allow fine plastic dust attain our nourishments. What an unpleasant thought, in particular, it is unhealthy. On its way through the sea the fine dust collects diverse toxic chemicals. A healthy fish, that´s where we find the carcinogenic substances at the end of the day. Just remember there was a chocolate bar to begin with.

We try to fix the problem as fast as we can. There might be fast way to get to the answer. While we hurry  we walk past the gist of the matter.  Ideas yet exist to alter circumstances. What about an recycled island ​made from plastic? Strange to imagine, but we gathered enough waste until now. It is a dreamful perception, though it considers the core of the problem.

To start at itself usually seems trite and ineffective. As a matter of fact it is obvious and simple to begin with. Still, if you know what you want it pays to do something for. Who wants a beach decorated from washed up plastic waste? Who wants to see animals suffer from packaging? Who wants to eat garbage? As no one is conscious troubles moves on.

Each cycle will be completed  and there is always a connection to the outset. The inception will be the question : What do I really want to change?

later we went back to the Hotel Costa Rica in Samara



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